02 February 2010

Stock your kitchen!!

Before you can really begin baking cakes, cupcakes, etc. you need to stock your kitchen with the right tools and ingredients!! These are just some of the things I have in my apartment (all from either target or bed bath and beyond).

I highly recommend getting sugar and flour holders (make sure they are airtight).  This makes it soo much easier when you are baking to quickly grab whatever you need ingredient wise.

I would recommend getting more than one set of measuring cups and spoons.  When you are making cakes, you often have to add wet and dry ingredients, and you don't want to have to clean all your measuring cups in between mixing cake and icing.  These are KitchenAid brand measuring cups and spoons from Target for only $3-4 each! Great deal!

You need a TON of mixing bowls also! I got all these from Target.  Also, as you can see, I have two of everything: 2 whisks, 2 icing spreaders, 2 spatulas, and 2 basters.  This way you don't have to do dishes in between recipes!

I also have a ton of bakeware... A necesity is at least 2 cake pans (mine are 8") and 2 pie pans.  Also, I have three stackable drying racks so I can quickly cool multiple recipes.

I also have learned that tupperware is a necessity.  I feel like I'm a mother when I stand in the tupperware aisle at Target (for like 30mins haha), BUT it comes in handy!!  In addition, I recommend getting at least 4-5 cutting boards (so you can cut veggies and chicken without washing).

And last, but not least, casserole/pyrex dishes!  For someone who lives alone, I have an exorbitant amount, and you probably don't need this many.  But, as an avid baker they most def come in handy (and most of them come with tops for easy travel!)

Stay tuned for more great recipes later this week!

Happy Baking!!


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  2. Wow! What an arsenal!! Your cakes and craft are wonderful! Keep up the good work!

    The male Martha