10 February 2010


I think that the only downside to baking is ALLLL the dishes you have to do... I have an unreasonable amount right now since I not only decided to bake a cake and decorate it last night... but I also decided to have friends over for dinner tonight (and you know I went all out with soup, meal, and dessert (will post recipes soon)).  SO, I will not be posting pictures of the cake for a little while because it isn't done yet.. As the dishwasher is running for the um-tenth time tonight and I am falling asleep in a chocolate/wine induced coma, all I can only think about are the BILLION dishes I will have for next week (my birthday party!) and hoping someone will help me with them... sometimes living alone sucks...

The upside: my apartment smells like sugar heaven... no air plug thingys needed to make my apartment smell awesome tonight :))

You know what's also an upside?? When my sister-in-law updates their website with oh so cute pictures of my niece and nephew... here is one of my nephew max, 4 months old... him and hope are the true loves of my life, who needs boys when you have him????

Until tomorrow, when I will hopefully FINISH this cake for Sonia's birthday party Friday night!

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