31 March 2010

Birmingham Boot Camp

So yesterday I worked out and did Body Pump for the first time in *cringe* two weeks (I have many excuses, none of them very good).  Today? I can't move...  But at the same time it feels sooo good to be sore again!  So I know we have talked about exercise and weight loss in the past, but it is almost swimsuit season, or if you live in Birmingham TODAY is swimsuit season, its 80 degrees outside people!!! 

It is time to jumpstart your weightloss! My friend Brittany just started this program called Birmingham Boot Camp.  You meet 3 days/week for 1 hour sessions, 20 sessions total.  The program is a little costly at $200, but it works out to $14.95/session.  After reading the stats, I want to do it also!!! But since I just bought a plane ticket to NYC, I don't have the money...

Average weight loss: 5-12 lbs.  Average inches off MIDSECTION: 1-3!!  Average body fat loss: 3-5%... that's a lot!  People, I think it's time for boot camp.

This is a picture from their website!! The workouts are outside in the gorgeous weather!

So no more excuses, get out there and exercise!!

If you can't afford it, I have a bunch of Gold's Gym 10day passes.. come to body pump with me! I go 3 days a week!!  And trust me, it's a ridiculous workout.

Happy Running!


  1. sounds awesome...teach me the moves!!

    however, I've never seen palm trees in Bham (and that picture has palm trees)!!

    Can't wait to see you in NYC!!!

  2. haha thats because i think it's a national progam, and they put the same pictures on all the websites for it, but it looks awesome to work outside!