10 March 2010

Following and comments!

So I have been asked by several people who are unfamiliar with the "blog world", how do I comment and how do I follow your blog??

I would LOVE it if everyone could follow my blog, seriously I get really excited when a new follower adds! (I know, I know I'm a dork...known it for years).  But, because I am using the blogspot domain and do not have my own, they place stupid restrictions on who can follow.  So, if you have a gmail, yahoo, twitter, aim, netlog, or a website you can become a follower.  Simply look to the right, click follow, click whatever you have (gmail, etc) and sign in.  Then you can follow my website!!!! Or you can be like my mother and make up an email simply to follow my website... what can I say, she's a pretty good Mom!

If you don't want to or can't follow, you can still comment on any post!  At the bottom of this post, you will see a thing that says "0 comments", click on it!  You will be taken to a new page.  Look below the comment section, it says "Comment As", scroll down to "name/url" and type in your name or to "anonymous" and make an anonymous post!

I hope this helps! Please comment on any post or ask me questions!!! If there are any recipes you want me to try out or find for you, let me know!!

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