09 March 2010

How to: Ice a cake!!

Before I took the cake decorating class, I HATED icing cakes because I always got crumbs all in the mixture... ok, ok, I lied... I still hate icing cakes.  I am a perfectionist when it comes to decorating cakes, and still hate it when there are crumbs in it.  The way to really learn all the fundamentals of decorating is to take a class (which are offered all the time at Hobby Lobby and Michael's)... BUT if you don't have the time or the money to take a class (even though they are all ~$50 for a 4 week class), you can look at the following videos and it will help a lot!!!

My Tips:
1.  You need to buy a turn table.  I got my at Louise's Cakes-n-things in Hoover, Al, but like everything else they are sold at Hobby Lobby... yall getting it yet that I live in that store?! No? Well you don't read my blog enough then...

2.  You need to buy the right kind of icing spatula.  Most shows and videos show an off-set spatula (ie. it isn't straight), but for novice decorators, you need a straight one... again go to Hobby Lobby.

3.  DON'T get frustrated!! It is hard to master perfectly icing a cake, and, like everything else in life, it takes A LOT of practice!!

Click here to see a step-by-step demonstration of how to ice a cake.  There is also a video on the page to watch along with the instructions and pictures.  This is from the Wilton site, which also gives tips on how to fill and use pastry bags etc.

Click here to see Cake Boss decorate a 3-layer cake.  For this you need pastry bags though, and the proper tip.  Spatula not needed.

Happy Baking!!!

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