24 January 2010

Welcome to Southern Cake Girl!

Setting up a new blog can become quite a task!! I am so excited to be sharing my love for baking with others.  Please comment on my posts and help share ideas and great recipes!!

So far my decorating/baking is more limited because of class/work etc.  BUT, I am determined to master cake decorating!  For all those cake enthusiasts out there, you are probably obsessed with shows such as Amazing Wedding Cakes (my personal fav) and Cake Boss.  These shows have become my inspiration for decorating!  After many flopped recipes and icing catastrophes, however, I decided a tip of the week is absolutely essential for the novice baker! 

Tip #1: You MUST own a good mixer... I am not talking about hand held ones.  My first icing catastrophe occured when I used a hand held mixer.. trust me folks, it just doesn't work.  Your icing will not be fluffy like it should be.  And, more importantly, it won't be mixed thoroughly.  Trust me no one wants to bite into a cake and eat a chunk of butter.  SO, I highly recommend the KitchenAid mixer.  I know, I know, it is REALLY expensive... but soo worth it!  I found a great deal at hhgregg.com, and it came with a year long subscription to Food and Wine Magazine, but Amazon.com normally has good deals also.  If you do not want a KitchenAid, the older Sunbeams are good (aka ones from the 50s etc).  I have heard the new Sunbeams are awful!

That's it for the tip of the week! Pictures of my baking adventures to come soon!

Happy Baking!

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