28 January 2010

I'm a morning person?!

I took the most AMAZING workout class this morning at Gold's Gym called BodyPump.  Now, ask anyone and they will tell you I am NOT a morning person.  When home, my parents know not to talk to me in the morning until I have had at least one cup of coffee.  BUT, today I decided to get up a go lift weights.. possibly to work off the scones I have been eating since tuesday... possibly I have just gone crazy... but it was AWESOME.  The music was upbeat, all the people in the class were nice, but the best part was the instructor. She would scream and push you and I have no doubt that i will start losing weight faster than ever before.  I may just become a morning person afterall... maybe.. Mom, don't get your hopes up!

Body Pump Class Above

So, today I want to write about excercise and continue on yesterdays New Year, New You.  IF you want to lose weight you have to work out... a lot.  Anna (aka god) told me to get 4-5 days cardio/week (30-45min sessions) and 2-3 days strength training (ie weights, like my new fav BodyPump class).  But lets be realistic here... by the time you are done with work/school/whatever you are tired! But the more you start working out, the easier it gets, I PROMISE!  

So start slow, maybe 2 days a week and 1 day of weight lifting.  If you can afford a gym membership, get one.  But find a gym that is 1) close to your home and 2) a fit for YOU.  For me, Gold's Gym is perfect.  They have a cardio movie theater, tvs on ALL the machines.  And they yell at you in classes, which i respond to.  If you can't afford a gym, research online to find running trails and parks in your area! Grab an ipod and some tennis shoes and hit the pavement!  If you need tips on how to do strength training at home without buying weights, leave a comment and I will help you!

One piece of advice- if you decide to do morning weight lifting (like before work) and you like to have a big breakfast, eat it at least one hour before working out, if you don't I swear you may vomit.  If you don't like a big breakfat, grab an energy bar... but you MUST eat something or you will fade... fast.

So, for this weekend your new goal is to find a gym, find a workout program, and commit to it!

Happy Running!

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