15 June 2010

Life Updates!

So a few life updates... I got back from NYC yesterday after a whirlwind day of flying that included flight cancellations, re-routing through DC, running in the airport, and 2 drives back and forth to Birmingham, but I'm home.  Pictures to come later.

More importantly though, I got into med school!!! So I will begin school at UAB School of Medicine July 26th... there goes the next for years of my life... but sooo worth it!  I already have a roomate and will finalize my apartment on Friday, so everything is finally coming together!

Our kitchen is almost done, so I will finally be able to bake... that is after the dishwasher is installed back in.  After the look my Dad gave me when I told him I was going to bake before it was installed, I thought it better to wait.... because he does dishes in our house.

Well hopefully I will be able to post again soon!

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